The Magic Mushroom Candle!

The Magic Mushroom Candle! Collaborator
🧚🏼‍♀️Mushrooms are by far one of the magical fruits we have on this earth and the simple sight of one conjures up feeling of enchantment and forbidden adventures. Mushrooms have a long ancient history of being a key ingredient in many shamanic practices and the sidekick to the witch. Mushrooms are believed to help us establish contact with the Underworld and even extraterrestrials.🧚🏼‍♂️Mushrooms are also heavily integrated throughout folklore and faerie tales. Gnomes and Tomte use the cap of the amanita muscaria as a hat and the faeries are well known for using mushroom circles, also known as faerie rings as portals from the land of fae to the land of men. Hands down one of the most historically rich living organisms that we have so much to learn from. The mushroom is a sacred magical tool that deserves our respect, and that’s why I was inspired to create a candle that would put it up on a pedestal where it rightfully belongs.🌿Hand poured in a vintage clay mug with adorable mushrooms on both sides,all natural soy wax with Wormswood, Five Finger Grass, Oak Moss, Oak Shavings, Yarrow and High John Root. It smells like a magical forest at 2:22am under a new moon. Adorned with a clay mushroom, lemurian seed crystals, moss and wormwood. I only have 4 of these beauties, they will be listed in the shop soon!🍄🌿

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