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¬†ūü楬†These ornaments were inspired from old German and Slavic folklore and Christmas traditions that I grew up with and learned through time. Inspired from my love of Gnomes and the ingredients that they use to keep their homes cozy are same ingredients we use to keep our homes safe. Here is a list of the ingredients that you will find in your Gnome Sweet Gnome ornament!¬†

An Amanita Mushroom for protection and prosperity.

Mugwort to protect against injury

Wormwood to keep you enchanted

Cornflower to uphold old traditions 

Rose for courage during the dark months 

Sweetgrass for purification

Frasir Fir for longevity 

Carnelian to stoke the inner flame

Brass Bell for good vibrations

Dried Orange for good health

Golden Myrrh for cleansing and protection

Stars to guide you through the darkest night

A Cinnamon Stick to consecrate your space

Angel Hair Quartz to keep you protected by the angels 

Snowflakes to honor the season of winter 

All of these ingredients are smudged and added to the ornament while I whisper simple words of protection over them. Adorned with a wooden Gnome ornament that is painted on one side and left blank on the back for you to write whatever you wish! 

I hope you enjoy these ornaments just as much as I enjoyed making them! And may they bring you some extra peace, comfort and joy not just during the winter seasons, but all year round! 

This listing is for one (1) Gnome Sweet Gnome Talisman Ornament that comes in a plastic lightbulb shaped ornament and a Wooden Gnome Decoration tied to it. 


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