$ 42.22

 This is a very special candle. 

This is a collectors piece. 

🎄🦌I am so excited to share this candle with you! I just LOVE it! If you know me at all, you know I have a soft spot for kitschy vintage decor, and we’ll this IS kitschy vintage decor as a candle! *schwiiing* Unfortunately when it comes to the vintage mugs that I like to use, they are extremely hard to find so I can only make them in small quantities. I only have a few of these beauties.🌟 They are made from organic soy wax and scented with the most DELICIOUS peppermint mocha oil I have ever experienced. And yes! It’s an experience! The peppermint and the chocolate smell so good you’ll want to eat it and there’s just a light coffee scent that makes it smell like a warm and cozy cafe.☕️ I used some of my beloved vintage decorations from Germany to decorate the top and I just LOVE how it looks! You have a big sparkly snowflake, a sisal tree, a shiny present and a festive spray of berries and such. And just like any candle that has decorations on the top, you absolutely MUST remove them before burning. And if you are giving one away as a gift, you absolutely MUST tell your friend to remove them also. One of my customers puts a battery operated tea lite on top of my candles so she can enjoy the “look” of them burning without actually lighting them! I think that’s such a great idea!🕯Enjoy the magick of the season my friends!!!🦌🎄 


This listing is for one Absolutely Fabulous Rudolph Vintage Mug Candle. Made with all natural soy wax, scented with peppermint mocha and adorned with gorgeous vintage decorations from Germany.