$ 42.22

 This is a very rare vintage collectors mug.

🎄🍄Christmas Pixies or Nisse is a household spirit that is responsible for the care and prosperity of the farm or family home. They were first spoke of hundreds of years ago in Scandinavia where many farms claimed to have their own Nisse. The Pixies took an interest in the farm by grooming the horses, locking gates, chasing the geese and chickens into their pens at night. And even though they are often helpful, they can also be quite temperamental and get into mischief. You want to be careful when reprimanding a Pixie! The last thing you want is them turning against you. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep them fed with warm porridge and butter, and special treats like jams and jellies on holidays such as Christmas. I like to give them flashy buttons and colorful pieces of yarn, it tends to keep them in a good mood for a while;)🌟 This candle is dedicated to our friends the Christmas Pixie. This particular one is a Holly Pixie, isn’t she cute?! You can probably imagine that these mugs were extremely hard to come by, its a collectors piece.🍄🎄 

This listing is for one (1) Christmas Pixie Candle that comes in a vintage Holly Pixie Mug and scented with Holly and Mistletoe. All natural soy wax. You must remove the decorations before burning.