$ 14.44

The most beautiful and UNIQUE Aragonite Star Clusters I have ever seen! An enchanting combination of reds, whites and even greens! Enjoy these high quality specimens!

These Aragonite Star Clusters are also known as Earth Goddess Stones because they are attuned to the Earth Goddess herself by attending to the earths needs by encouraging conservation and recycling. It is a reliable earth-healer and alleviates geopathic stress which make them a perfect tool for Feng Shui. Aragonite is also a great stabilizing stone that centers and grounds physical energies, being very useful in fighting stress and other anxieties. Aragonite crystals can be used for centering yourself before healing or meditation, allowing for facilitation of communication on the higher planes and can also be useful in past life regression. Physically, it exudes a positive influence on your brain, nervous system and heart, bringing energy to chronic fatigue sufferers. Aragonite helps with hair loss and skin disorders, and works on areas that need calcium, such as strengthening and mending broken bones and providing relief from spinal pain. Aragonite allows you to connect deeply with the warmth of Mother Earth and draw it into our own being, and it is said that placing Aragonite on your body when chilled from the flu or a cold will bring instant warmth and rid you of the chill. An Aragonite elixir can be used for the amelioration of general aches and pains.

You will find some of my homemade "Velvet Lotus Sacred Smudge" incense cones in your package. They are made with all natural organic white sage, pinon wood essential oil and benzoin gum. They have been charged under the Full Flower Moon in a Sacred Crystal Grid and infused with blessings. If you would like to Smudge your items, simply light the tip of the cone, wait until it turns red then blow it out. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke so it gently encircles the items you wish to have Smudged. Feel free to use your own intentions and blessings and make sure the cone is completely extinguished before leaving the room. From my heart to yours. ♥

This listing is for one (1) Aragonite Star Cluster that is approximately 1" by 1" or larger. Please note that the ones that I have look a bit different than the ones in the photo.Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. It will be wrapped with much love and gratitude so it will be ready for gifting or for your own precious enjoyment. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not.

Please contact me on overseas shipping.

Love and Light! ♥ Seja