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🌘🦋Blue Lotus, also known as The Egyptian Dream Flower, has been used in many different shamanic circles since the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans. Used in smoking blends, salves and even baked goods, this divine plant invokes feelings of euphoria that has been compared to a mild Opium high. Known as a powerful aphrodisiac, the Blue Lotus was smoked during many sexual ceremonies and used frequently in sex magic. You can find paintings of the Blue Lotus in countless papyrus murals throughout Egypt and the resin has been found in Egyptian wine decanters. It was famed to ignite the *spark* at countless religiously charged orgies.🦋The miraculous Blue Lotus blossom does so much more than excite the Kundalini energies, it is also used to treat anxiety, depression and is a potent all natural way to ease muscle and joint pain. I would like to say that it helps with night terrors as well, from my own personal experience. Whether smoked, eaten, used as a topical oil or enjoyed as incense, The Egyptian Dream Flower is a blessing to have in your apothecary. And introducing my first Blue Lotus medium to you, The Egyptian Dream Flower incense cones are now available in my shop. Made with all natural oils of Blue Lotus, Skullcap and Sandalwood, these incense cones will help ease you into an enchanting evening of euphoria, sensuality and release. This incense can also be used to stimulate your Third Eye and strengthen psychic abilities. You must be 18 to purchase. Please burn responsibly.🦋🌘 

This listing is for five (5) Blue Lotus Incense Cones. They will be presented in an organza bag with a few Blue Lotus Petals that you can burn, chew or put in hot tea for heightened effects. Make sure and consult with your doctor before consuming Blue Lotus Leaves. The Velvet Lotus is not responsible for any damages the consumer may receive by using this product.