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✨🍂There’s been quite a few things cooking in my witchy kitchen recently that I’m excited to share with you! There’s something about the energy that’s in the air this time of year in New England that has me feeling like a child again, and my creativity knows no bounds. So one night while I was letting myself just goof off a bit, I came up with these spectacular beauties! Candy Corn Witches Sticks! I mean, these SCREAM Halloween!🎃For those who don’t know what Witches Sticks are, the are dried Mullein stalks dipped in beeswax. They are believed to be the first candles ever made, except ack then they used tallow instead of beeswax. Every time I burn one I think about their rich history and wonder how many amazing ceremonies used Witches Sticks (or Hag Torches) over the course of all these years! I love their energy, and they give you a totally different experience than a typical taper candle. The beeswax I use comes from a farm in Maine, some of the best beeswax I've ever used. The wax is infused with mullein, wormwood, mugwort, devils shoestring, thyme, cloves, cinnamon and star anise. Perfect for your autumnal ceremonies and celebrations.🍂✨


This listing is for one (1) Candy Corn Witches Stick. Each Witches Stick is made with a locally foraged Mullein Stalk that is dried for several months under several moons then hand dipped in beeswax. 

Burning Instructions:

Light the tip of your Witches Stick to enjoy its playful flame. They produce a large flame so best enjoyed outdoors. I like to squeeze mine into a candle holder and then place it on a fire safe dish because the beeswax can get very hot. Blow flame out or snuff in sand. If you are going to hold them with your hands while burning I suggest wearing gloves to keep you safe from the wax. 

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