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❄️🎄Greetings Friends! I'm so excited that it's that magickal time of year again! I decided to list wrapping options this year to help make shipping faster! If you've ever ordered from me you know that I love to go a little crazy with the wrapping. Unfortunately that can slow things down, especially during the busy season. So that's why I decided to add the option for wrapping, and you have 3 different options. Each option will include beautiful wrapping of the contents in your order including organza bags, specialty chocolates, candies and other charming additions. This will make your parcel ready to gift to that special someone. If you opt out of this, your parcel will still include bubble wrap, just minus the fancy wrapping paper and additional decorations. 🎄❄️


Tinsel~Wrapping for 1 or 2 items.

Glitter~Wrapping for 2-5 items.

Gold~Wrapping for 5+ items. 

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