$ 38.88


 🍬🐈‍⬛They say that cats have 9 lives. I disagree. I believe that cats are shapeshifters and live forever. Perhaps not in the same body, but a cats spirit is eternal and they are free to travel all of the dimensions, times and spaces with zero effort. I saw my black cat LunaLu jump through a fence. Not over it, THROUGH it. And she even winked at me once she noticed I saw her! Cats are magick, pure and simple. And I think that’s one of the reasons you see them in Day of the Dead art so often. They can travel from our world to the land of the dead just like LunaLu jumped through a solid fence, easy peasy. 🍬She smells like caramel apples and is decorated with sweet ancestral offerings, putka pods, skulls and cloves, dusted with sweet wormwood blossoms. These mugs are quite large so they would make a beautiful centerpiece to your Day of the Dead altar.🐈‍⬛🍬

This listing is for one Day of the Dead Cat Candle that smells like yummy caramel apples. Made with organic soy wax and decorated with sweet offerings for your ancestors, cloves and skulls. You absolutely MUST remove all decorations before burning. 


This is a collectors mug that is retailed at $30 a piece.