$ 11.11

I feel like a child again whenever I see these particular crystals. They are so bright, enchanting and attractive. They make me instantly happy and they have the same effect on other people as far as I have seen. And it's no surprise that they have this effect on people because they absorb negative energy and open the Upper Chakras allowing us to experience spiritual harmony which is the pathway to Zen and Ecstasy. And in Sacred Geometry, Octahedrons represent your inner child. Octahedrons are eight-sided diamonds. Each side is a triangle which represents love, compassion, integration and the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment. Holding one or several of these Fluorite Octahedrons in each hand while meditating can heighten your spiritual experience and help invoke conversations with Spirit Guides.

There are countless ways to use these beautiful crystals or you can simply enjoy all the positive offerings they give to you naturally. Fluorite should be cleansed/cleared often since it acts like a sponge with negative energy. You can smudge them or leave them under the full moon. You can also bathe them in ocean water or let them bask out in the sun for a little while. All of those options will restore their harmony and Light. I don't believe that we choose the crystals. I believe the crystals choose us. Has this crystal chosen you?

This listing is for one (1) Medium-Large Fluorite Octahedron or two (2) Smaller Fluorite Octahedrons. I will use my intuition and ask which ones want to go home with you. Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not. I am honored that this crystal has decided to go home with you and so it is. Please contact me on overseas shipping. Love and Light!

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