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For Supreme Healing and Protection, Awakens and Stimulates all Chakras, Connection to Higher Realms

"I can trust every crystal I purchase at The Velvet Lotus. I depend on the highest quality lemurians with my practice and I can always count on nothing but the very best with Seja's careful selection. I can hear her lemurians singing before I even open the box. You won't find anything close to her quality here on etsy and believe me, I've looked. The Velvet Lotus is the only place to purchase crystals online as far as I'm concerned and they are always worth the wait." -A. Vernon, Modesto California.

"Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on earth over 12 million years ago. During the last days of Lemuria, it was decided to plant seed crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. Having seeded the crystals, the Lemurians, it is believed, left this planet for other star systems. Others went into inner earth (while maintaining telepathic connection with those in other parts of the galaxy), where they continue to care for the earth and the seed crystals now surfacing."

Lemurian Seed Crystals are some of the most powerful, rare and energetically important minerals on the earth. Lemurian crystals are all wands and as such, conduct, amplify, and focus the Universal Life Force, augmenting the healing power of the healer. In spiritual healing, wands focus the healing elements of the Universal Life Force on areas of the body that are weak or suffering from being out of balance. They contain and transmit messages of unconditional love and equality from advanced ancient civilizations. They are energy grid links from the earth to the stars and other dimensions. They are one of the best crystals for Chakra and dream work.

Lemurian Quartz Crystals are easy to use. Begin by holding the stone in your hand and go into a deep state of relaxed inner awareness. Once you feel that you are deeply relaxed, bring your attention to the stone you are holding. These crystals have clearly defined ridges on their sides. Softly and gently run one of your fingers over the ridges. If you feel a reason to stop at some point do so, and press gently on the stone where your finger stops. Relax and allow any messages that the stone wishes you to learn to be given to you. Continue to follow the ridges allowing them to take you higher and deeper into the realm of the Divine. As you go deeper you may make contact with the angelic realms and make contact with angels or other spirit beings. It is possible that it will take a few attempts before you get a message, or it could happen on the first try. If you hold a Lemurian Seed Crystal in your right hand while you walk around and encircle something (a person, an object, your house, etc.) it will create a circle of light protection.

In divination wands are used in specialized efforts where great precision is needed. Lemurian Seed Crystals are quite effective in divination efforts when the goal is to determine a yes or no answer to specific questions related to relationships.To use one, bury the crystal in a shallow bowl filled with white sand. Place the bowl in contact with the Earth. Over the course of several hours randomly rotate the bowl without thought. With a compass mark the location of North and South. Carefully brush away the top layer of sand until the Lemurian Seed crystal is visible. If it points towards the North, the crystal is indicating that the relationship is aligned with the natural earth and indicates a positive response to the question. If it points to the South, the response is negative. If the wand points primarily East or West, the answer is unclear. There are so many different faces to Lemurian Seed Crystals. Make sure and take a good look at yours because you just may be holding something quite extraordinary. Some of the actual faces may embody one or more specific energy patterns. These include: Inner Child, Channeling, Libraries, Generator, Receiver Generator, Isis, Master Matrix, Window, Right/Left Handed, Soul Mate, Twin Flame, Tantric Twin, Time Link, Transmitter, Receiver, Scanner, Rainbow, Abundance, Comet, Crater, Eight Faceted, Extraterrestrial and Record Keepers. (Lemurian Record Keepers have lightly reversed-etched pyramid formations on the shafts, rather than the more familiar distinct triangular symbol naturally etched in later Record Keepers. They hold the information prior to individuation from Source Consciousness.)

You will find some of my homemade "Velvet Lotus Sacred Smudge" incense cones in your package. They are made with all natural organic white sage, pinon wood essential oil and benzoin gum. They have been charged under the Full Flower Moon in a Sacred Crystal Grid and infused with blessings. If you would like to Smudge your items, simply light the tip of the cone, wait until it turns red then blow it out. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke so it gently encircles the items you wish to have Smudged. Feel free to use your own intentions and blessings and make sure the cone is completely extinguished before leaving the room. From my heart to yours.

*This particular Lemurian is a Singing Crystal.  Singing crystals have a sweet resonance when gently allowed to touch each other.  They create a very powerful, higher pitched "OM" vibration and can be an aid to the body to emanate the energy and reality of the higher-self.

They can be used to open and release energy blockages, align the energies of the body, smooth the aura and stimulate clairaudience. (the ability to hear sounds that are beyond the spectrum of our physical world)

Sending clear light frequency through these crystals can assist one in contacting beings of other dimensions,
and they have been used to bring communications from celestial beings.

This listing is for one (1) Lemurian Seed Singing Crystal that has been charged with all the Elements. Your Lemurian will be approximately 3"-4+" long. The size of a Crystal does not equate its value. Most of my most valuable Lemurians are the petite ones in size. Every little mark, every chip and scratch tells a story, and it's in the story of the Stone where you will find its value. Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. It will be wrapped with much love and gratitude so it will be ready for gifting or for your own precious enjoyment. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not. I am honored that this crystal has decided to go home with you and so it is. Please contact me on overseas shipping. Love and Light!

*The Velvet Lotus does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. *