$ 42.22

 I only have 1 and he is HUGE!!!

If you love kitschy Halloween as much as I do, you are probably absolutely MAD over Mr. Pumpkin Head! Just look how adorable and dapper he is! I love how his face looks a bit apprehensive too! hahaha! Pumpkins are one of the most magically symbolic objects on the planet. They symbolize prosperity, protection and manifestation just to name a very few. Used as a powerful talisman to keep evil energies at bay since the 1800s and they are making a powerful comeback today. Place this candle in the living area of your home to experience extra peace and comfort as well as nostalgic magick. 

This candle is HUGE and is perfect to use as a centerpiece for your Halloween altar or spread. 

Made with all natural soy wax from the USA and phthalate fragrance oils of roasted pumpkin spice, cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar. Very yummy!

This listing is for one (one) Mr. Pumpkin Head Candle