$ 12.22

These soothing Selenite Wands are a must have for any Crystal or Energy Healer, and they also help give the best massages which is extremely important for healthy Chi "Pranic" Energy. They are also great tools for transferring energy, something that I do daily. I have a gigantic piece of Citrine that I draw power from every morning from one of these beautiful Wands. And my Crystal Elixirs have become much more potent since combining these Wands to the process. Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for moon and means “moon glow," and these Selenite Wands do glow with a shimmery, pearl-like luster. The grain of the Selenite gives a lustrous shine that goes down the length of the wand to create a beautiful visual effect.

The powerful vibration of Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite calms and brings deep peace, and offers access to past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind problems. A protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. Selenite Crystals are high vibration stones that will move your spiritual growth forward quickly. They are a Stone of the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. By opening the Crown Chakra, this Stone allows you to access the Transpersonal Chakras, from the Eighth Chakra through to the Fourteenth Chakra. Selenite remove energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. It can also remove energy blocks in the bodies of other Crystals and Stones. This makes it excellent for enhancing the properties of other Stones and for clearing and Charging them. It is also an excellent Stone for protection grids.

You will find some of my homemade "Velvet Lotus Sacred Smudge" incense cones in your package. They are made with all natural organic white sage, pinon wood essential oil and benzoin gum. They have been charged under the Full Flower Moon in a Sacred Crystal Grid and infused with blessings. If you would like to Smudge your items, simply light the tip of the cone, wait until it turns red then blow it out. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke so it gently encircles the items you wish to have Smudged. Feel free to use your own intentions and blessings and make sure the cone is completely extinguished before leaving the room. From my heart to yours.

This listing is for one (1) Polished Selenite Wand that is approximately 6" long. Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not. Please contact me on overseas shipping. Love and Light!

*The Velvet Lotus does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. *