$ 34.44

This is a GIANT collectors mug that is 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall. 

You asked for Halloween candles to be released early this year so I'm goingto put a few in my shop here and there but I'm not going to do the full roll out until the middle of August. But at least we can get started.

I love scarecrows. I love the history behind them, the folklore and the magick. If you want to go down a fantastical rabbit hole look at some scarecrows from back in the day. They weren't  messing around. They were SCARY! Nowadays scarecrows have gotten a cute makeover which is a bit silly because they are suppose to be scary! Anyways, When I saw this scarecrow mug , I knew I had to snag her and make her into a candle! Yes, she's cute. But I have a feeling there might be another face behind that mask she wears....

She is made with all natural soy wax scented with Apple Harvest and just a touch of Fallen Leaves. Yum! Decorated with putka pods, an acorn, a fir cone, moss, a candy corn sisal tree and of course....a crow! 
This is a collectors mug that is retailed at $28.00