$ 22.22

🌿🌹My newest candle, The Secret Garden. Dedicated to one of my favorite movies of all time. I was 12 when the 1993 remake was released and I watched it on repeat until I wore out the vhs tape. Mary Lennox was no doubt one of my first role models and how I wished to live next to a bricked in garden like the one in the movie. And of course we can all remember the moment Mary find the secret keyhole for the very first time and how the excitement became almost unbearable when we heard the sound of the door unlock! As children, finding hidden, secret places to discover is the ultimate dream come true! How many hours did you roam through your parents home looking for a secret door or closet space just to relive the magic in the movie? That innocent excitement fed off from beautiful mystery is what inspired me to make this candle.🗝Made with infused oils of wild roses, violets and lilacs all harvested from midnight walks through my neighborhood give this candle a gentle scent reminiscent of a secret garden. And this wouldn’t be a suitable Secret Garden Candle without a little secret. So look carefully before lighting her, there is more than meets the eye!🌹🌿

This listing is for one (1) Secret Garden Candle that is made with 100% all natural soy wax and essential oils. 

When you decide to burn your candle first make sure to remove all items from the top and place your candle in a safe place away from open windows, pets, children and anything flammable. Burn for 2 hours then carefully blow the flame out, let wax completely cool, trim wick and burn again. You should trim the wick before each burn time, this will help your candle last longer! Enjoy the magic and stay enchanted! ♥ Seja