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🧚‍♀️When I was a young girl growing up in Maine, I remember a small store called The Azure Dragonfly. It was in the beautiful coastal town of Belfast Maine and it was the first metaphysical shop I had ever been to. It was run by 2 older women who were witches and they were so warm and welcoming. It was a tiny shop but I fell in love with it instantly and I always found a way to visit as often as possible. From that shop is where my collection of candles, incense and books on animal totems began. I'll never forget the day that I went to go see my friends, the 2 enchanting women who owned the shop only to see that the shop had closed and with no trace to where they moved to. 27 years later and I still think of that shop often.

The Dragonfly represents spiritual transcendence and connection to spirit. They are also considered a key in communicating with faeries and other earth-born energies. The dragonfly is a powerful talisman that naturally keeps negative spirits and vibrations away. Many people believe that seeing a dragonfly means that a loved one from the spirit world is communicating with you.

🕯🧚‍♀️I created this candle with my niece in mind. She passed away last October and she loved dragonflies too. I knew I had to make these extra extra special so I hunted for the perfect....everything. The glasses are vintage from the 1940s and the Dragonfly is actually a brooch. The candle itself is made from all natural soy wax that is lightly scented with natural oils of Peony, Lilac and a hint of Sweet Grass. Adorned with Aura Crystals, Flowers, biodegradable glitter and lots of love. There are only 3 and they will be listed in the shop tonight!

This listing is for one (1) Azure Dragonfly Candle that is made with all natural soy wax and oils of Peony, Lilac and Sweet Grass. It is adorned with Aura Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, biodegradable glitter and an enchanting Dragonfly Brooch! The glass is vintage hobnail from the 1940s that you can reuse once you've enjoyed your candle!

*When burning a candle with flammable materials on top, you will want to remove them BEFORE lighting your candle. Remove the 3 dried flowers, the crystals and the dragonfly brooch. Burn in a safe place away from anything flammable, children or pets. Never leave your candle unattended.