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*Please beware of shops that claim to have Ajoite and Azurite minerals at a low cost. Ajoite is one of the most expensive minerals out there and specimens of this size usually go for $40-$80 or more. If you see these marked low it's because they are Azurite and Chrysocolla NOT Azurite and Ajoite. I have been waiting for a special night to announce the RAREST offering the Velvet Lotus has carried yet, and I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement. This mineral combination is as rare as it is powerful. Behold, the divine artwork of Ajoite and Azurite together. If you're familiar with either stone you may know just how incredible these little beauties truly are. Polished and perfect for jewelry making and a must have for your medicine bag or altar. Each one of these stones is an original Picasso painting in the mineral world. I've never seen specimens this bold and beautiful before. These are to be treasured. Ajoite: Ajoite is a highly prized mineral discovered in Messina, South Africa. It is also found in Arizona and it is told that it’s name originates from the locality of the discovery in the New Cornelia mine, in Ajo, AZ, US. It was said to be discovered by the Papago Indians and highly valued as a bringer of peace, purity and well being. Up until the early 1960’s it was thought that this location was the only occurrence of this mineral. In fact it had been found, but not correctly identified, in 1947 at Messina (now called Musina) in the far North of South Africa. Only when a second pocket was discovered in 1960 was it correctly identified. The last discovery was in 1991 at the Messina mine in excess of 4000 foot below the surface. Since then the mine has been closed due to flooding and the subsequent very dangerous conditions. It is highly unlikely that the mine will ever be opened again. As a result of this the Ajoite crystals, which are much prized by mineral collectors, are often difficult to obtain. It’s intense blue/green coloring and it’s metaphysical properties make Ajoite a very popular stone. It is known as a healer, harmonizer and strengthener, and for it’s subtle and gentle vibrations. Ajoite embodies incredibly positive metaphysical properties that aid healers, bringing peace and harmony. A highly spiritual stone, Ajoite is said to assist in connecting to the Higher Self/God/Goddess/Universe/All That Is. Emitting the loving energy of Mother Gaia, aiding in sweet communication during meditation; it assists in healing old emotional wounds, by releasing and overcoming sorrow, anger and fear. Ajoite helps one to communicate with Angels and other Higher Spirits, elevating one to those spiritual realms. When communication is successful Ajoite encourages you to communicate and share the wisdom learned to those on the earthly plane. This stone although vibrates gentle energy as a strong feminine energy stimulating forgiveness, aiding in healing of any karmic wounds one may have sustained in past lives. Removing and releasing negative energies from all body planes. As a Stone of Transformation” it brings change and assists with growth, healing and harmonizing the emotional, physical and etheric bodies. Meditation with Ajoite may bring both laughter and tears as unchecked feeling arise during healing moments; it will bring about a very gentle release of subconsciously held sorrows, fears, rage and other inner tensions. Helping to forgive not only others but oneself as well; which is crucial for full and complete healing. Ajoite is a stone that is often carried by those who share a similar spiritual belief for the “sisterhood/brotherhood” connection that it promotes. It is told to simulate the bonding between souls who are the earthly plane with those they have agreed to meet again during this lifetimes. Often promoting recognition between strangers as well as friends, stimulating the connection of kindred spirits providing a transfer of information. Ajoite produces a melding between the 4th, or Heart Chakra and the 5th, or Throat Chakra and facilitates speaking that which is one’s deepest inner truth. This energy field between these two chakras is commonly called the “Peace Chakra”, and with this bonding it allows for recognition of the initial tentative state and provides synthesis between one’s energy and the pure inviolate energy of “All That Is”. This quality provides for a peacefulness within one’s emotional system and a joyful acceptance of ones surroundings, circumstances and environment. Ajoite is considered an extremely powerful tool, clearing the auric field and aligning the Physical Body with the Light Body. Harmonizing the energies of any chakra, releasing negativing, working in a gentle calming manner; bringing about transformation in a wonderfully soothing manner. -Shimmerlings Azurite: No crystal embodies the pure Blue Ray quite like Azurite. The rich vibrancy of its dark-blue energy resonates to the exact frequency of the Third-Eye Chakra, and has been guiding souls to enlightenment since the earliest civilizations began. To the inhabitants of Atlantis and the early Egyptians, Azurite was a most potent psychic stone and shrouded in mystery; its secrets known only to the highest priests and priestesses. It was called the Stone of Heaven by the ancient Chinese who believed it to open celestial gateways, and was revered by Greeks and Romans for its visionary insights and healing powers. For the Mayans, Azurite inspired the mystical self and facilitated the transfer of wisdom and knowledge via thought, while Native Americans used this sacred stone to contact their spiritual Indian guide, feel the presence and understand the message. For modern practitioners, Azurite’s metaphysical properties still mirror its legacy powers, clearing away tension and confusion, and opening the mind to new perspectives. This crystal stimulates the intellect, awakening the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and brings inner vision into alignment with spiritual guidance. It may be used for the enhancement of dreams, entering a meditative or channeling state, and enables out of body journeys to take place safely. Azurite is beneficial in exploring past or alternate lives, and its ability to clear the Throat Chakra allows for precise verbalization recalled from these experiences. Azurite honors Athena, the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom. She is always depicted in armor and is known as a skilled fighter and strategist, and for her superb logic and intellect. Azurite also honors Juterna, the Roman Goddess of Brooks and Ponds. Azurite crystals of indigo honor Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom and contradiction personified. She is the story of being lost then regained, the wisdom of understanding, doubting, and spiritual exploration without dogma. Azurite-Malachite honors Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Life and most important goddess of Egyptian mythol-ogy. She is widely honored as a Goddess that brings the power of the divine feminine. Malachite and Azurite bring together the green of the earth and the blue of the sky, as Isis is the daughter of Earth and Sky. - Crystal Vaults You will find some of my homemade "Velvet Lotus Sacred Smudge" incense cones in your package. They are made with all natural organic white sage, pinon wood essential oil and benzoin gum. They have been charged under the Full Flower Moon in a Sacred Crystal Grid and infused with blessings. If you would like to Smudge your items, simply light the tip of the cone, wait until it turns red then blow it out. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke so it gently encircles the items you wish to have Smudged. Feel free to use your own intentions and blessings and make sure the cone is completely extinguished before leaving the room. From my heart to yours. ? This listing is for one (1) Extremely Rare Ajoite and Azurite Stone that is *approximately 2cm wide. Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not. Please contact me on overseas shipping. Love and Light! ? Seja *The Velvet Lotus does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. *