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❄️🎄Anyone who knows me knows how much I love winter and all the rich foods and aromas that we enjoy this time of year. Roasting nuts, baking breads, heart stews, roasted root vegetables, ciders, apples, oranges, herbs and spices. I definitely consider myself a kitchen witch and love nothing more than to be in my kitchen making candles and bewitching something savory to eat. Some of my fondest memories of childhood were the smells coming from my Mamies kitchen and the strong Christmas candles that would fill the house with their heavy Christmas Tree scent. 

And if you're anything like me, you like your house to smell like a winter festival day and night. These Star Melts will instantly turn your house into a cozy cabin in the woods with pies in the oven and spices simmering in the cauldron. They may look small, but I packed them with delicious oils, dried fruits, herbs and spices to make your toes curl and your mouth water. Simply place one Twinkle Little Star Melt on your wax burner and enjoy hours of aromatherapy. These are made with all natural soy wax and all natural ingredients so they are completely safe to enjoy with children and pets around. And they melt down to almost nothing so the cleanup is super easy. They make excellent gifts but you're going to want to keep some for yourself the moment they meet your nose! Happy Holidays my friends! Stay Enchanted!🎄❄️

This listing is for seven (7) Twinkle Little Star Melts that will come lovingly wrapped in an organza bag ready for gifting.