$ 33.33

 I'm so excited to have these in the shop!

I've had so many of you ask me to carry these in the shop but I needed to wait until I found the perfect ones! These are beyond perfect and I am most definitely keeping one for myself! I love to keep one next to my work desk because the gentle spinning and the enchanting light show helps keep the environment peaceful and enchanting!

A little history on Candle Carousels which are traditionally called Christmas Pyramids. 

The name “Christmas Pyramid” came from Napoleon's Campaign to Egypt at the end of 18th century when he brought pictures of pyramids back to Europe and with time they reached Ore Mountains where they reminded people of their Christmas constructions and decorations. Christmas Pyramids became popular around the world after the discovery of kerosene in the 1830's because to light and to spin the pyramid became much cheaper compared to using expensive candles or rapeseed oil. 

This listing is for one (1) Great Horned Owl Carousel that comes with 4 Faerie Tealites.