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Introducing Travel Tin Treasure candles! Each one of these beautiful travel tins have a summery scented soy wax candle inside that also comes with a surprise, a lovely polished Crystal! You’ve asked me to make treasure candles for years and I don’t know why it took me so long, but I absolutely love the ways these turned out and they burn for a long time! You can choose from Lime and Coconut Margarita or Sea Salt and Orchid, both are delicious summer scents that are perfect for enjoying by the pool, on a picnic or during a bbq. They would also be a stunning addition to a summer wedding, bridal shower or birthday party. And once you've finished enjoying your candle you have a gorgeous container to keep your magickal trinkets in! 

This listing is for one Travel Tin Treasure Candle that is made with all natural soy wax. Each candle comes with a polished crystal. 

Please leave a note to seller with which scent you would prefer. Lime, Coconut Margarita or Sea Salt and Orchid. If you don't leave a message you will receive a Lime, Coconut Margarita candle. 

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