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*Important Tip for Smudge Sticks! If your Sage Stick is having a hard time burning, it's either because the Sage leaves are still very fresh or that the bundle was tied a bit too tight. I actually prefer to UNTIE my Sage Sticks and gently pull apart the stems with the leaves. This instantly turns 1 Sage Stick into 5 or 6 and they burn even better! Enjoy your Smudge!

Product Review~ "I'm 57 so I've burned many sage sticks, and this one stands out high above the rest. The scent is truly intoxicating, and it burns slow and steady so you know it's fresh. It also had a very loving energy to it that was very noticeable. I will be back for more and more and more! -F.S from Boulder Colorado

These aromatic Smudge Sticks are made with California White Sage that have been wrapped by yours truly who is also part Cree and Passamaquoddy. The Sage is delivered to me in a big box right after it's been harvested, so it's still fresh. It makes my entire home smell like heaven. I fill old ceremonial bowls that are made of red clay with the White Sage and sprinkle the Sage with Lavender. Then I take the bowls outside to bathe in the Light of the Full Moon. Lavender is used to "invite the spirits", so as I'm sprinkling the Lavender on the Sage I say a prayer to the 7 Directions and invite the spirit of the White Buffalo, Coyote, Eagle, Grizzly Bear, Great Spirit/Father Sky, Mother Earth and our Ancestors to be present not only during my crafting of the Smudge Sticks, but to be present when they are used and to bless all beings who have contact with the sacred smoke.

I'm sure you have seen all different color string and sometimes ribbon used to wrap the Smudge Sticks, and I have experimented with many different mediums, but I have come to find that red and white organic cotton string resonates the best with me. Different color strings represent different intentions. Red signifies Activation. White signifies Purity. Blues signifies Healing. Green Signifies Growth. Black signifies the Unseen. And Yellow signifies Divinity. Sometimes I will use Red, Yellow, Black and Red string but I prefer to use as little as possible because using too much string can make for a messy and smelly situation while burning. And this is also why I use organic cotton thread. It burns clean and has no scent so it doesn't interfere with the aroma of the Sage.

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is a highly sought after and revered herbal medicine due to its anti-biotic, anti-fungal and antispasmodic properties. It heals by bringing balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. It is the main ingredient in Smudge Sticks, but other herbs can be used as well. Such as Silver King Artemesia, Lavender, Mugwart, Yarrow, Hemlock Pine, Balsam, Cedar, Rosemary and Juniper. Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique that was originated as a Native American tradition in which herbs are burned for emotional, psychic and spiritual purification. It has since been adapted by many different cultures and practices, yet the core purpose remains the same.The effectiveness of smudging is based on the theory that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

Growing up and dancing on the pow-wow trail, Smudging was an important part of keeping reverence a focal point. Everyone HAD to be smudged before entering the circle because it symbolizes "cleansing" yourself before going forth and honoring the Great Spirit. But you don't need to be an American Indian to experience the spiritual joy that comes from Smudging. Anyone can use a Smudge Stick to cleanse themselves or others, their home or living space, special objects such as crystals, sacred and magickal tools and even your pets! The most important thing above all is the INTENTION that is set at the time of your Smudging ceremony.

To light your Smudge Stick, simply set the tip (the leafy part, not the stems) on fire and once it has a flame on it, gently blow it out. You can keep the smoke billowing by gently blowing on the glowing embers. You can extinguish your Smudge Stick by gently rubbing it in sand or against a Smudge Bowl (Abalone Shell) Using water could ruin it for further use. And most importantly, make SURE it's completely extinguished before leaving it unattended.

A Prayer to the 7 Directions that you may use during your Smudging ceremony. Facing East - I welcome the energy of the beginning way, the rising sun at the birth of each day and the light of illumination. Welcome Eagle, flying nearest the heavens, with the clearest of vision. Help my vision be as clear as yours. I welcome the energies and spirits of the East. Aho! Facing South - I welcome the energy of service and gratitude to all my relatives, the heat of the noonday sun and the spirit of servitude in the world. Welcome Coyote spirit, most honorable to your pack. Help me be honorable to all my relatives always. I welcome the energies and spirits of the South. Aho! Facing West - I welcome the energy of looking within to find the gifts of healing. Welcome Bear spirit going deep within to seek the gift of renewal. Help me truly know myself so I can live in perfect harmony with the world. I welcome the energies and spirits of the West. Aho! Facing North - I welcome the energy of wisdom and blessing and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who teach me. Welcome White Buffalo and the spirit of giveaway, teach me to be generous and honor all that I receive. I welcome the energies and spirits of the North. Aho! Looking up - I welcome the energy and spirit of Above. Great Spirit, Father Sky, Star people, and Cloud people. Welcome all that is masculine, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and sons. And that masculine energy that also exists within the feminine. I welcome the energies and spirits of Father Sky. Aho! Looking down (touching the ground) - I welcome the energy of Mother Earth, Gaia, the feminine principle, the energy and spirit of Below. I welcome the energy and the spirit of our grandmothers, our mothers, sisters, aunties and daughters. And that feminine energy that exists within the Masculine. I welcome the energies and spirits of Mother Earth. Aho! Looking within (holding your hands over your heart) - I welcome the energy of Within, the principle of being connected, the energy and spirit of Within. I welcome the gifts of balance, oneness, and the connection with all things, for all things are one and all things are related. Aho!

You will find some of my homemade "Velvet Lotus Sacred Smudge" incense cones in your package. They are made with all natural organic white sage, pinon wood essential oil and benzoin gum. They have been charged under the Full Flower Moon in a Sacred Crystal Grid and infused with blessings. If you would like to Smudge your items, simply light the tip of the cone, wait until it turns red then blow it out. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke so it gently encircles the items you wish to have Smudged. Feel free to use your own intentions and blessings and make sure the cone is completely extinguished before leaving the room.

This listing is for one (1) White Sage Smudge Stick that is approximately 8+" long and 2+" wide. Everything from my shop has been charged under the full moon and smudged with white sage on my personal altar. I have developed a process in cleansing crystals so you can be confident that it will be delivered to you with the purest of energy and ready for your own personal programming and adorning. I anoint each stone with a sacred oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be easily removed with a soft cloth if you choose. Some crystals fade in the sun so be careful and make sure yours does not. Please contact me on overseas shipping. Love and Light!

+The Velvet Lotus does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. *

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