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✨🌝Seems like tonight would be the perfect night to show you the newest candle I’ve been working on. It’s called “Drawing Down the Moon” and it’s named after the very sacred ceremony where you call the Moon down for a message from the Triple Goddess. We could go down hundreds of rabbit holes with that discussion but that’s something for you to do on your own. I needed to make sure this candle was going to be extra special so I scented it with oils and crystals that correspond with the Moon. Such as, Moonflower, Evening Primrose, Tuberose and Night Blooming Jasmine. For crystals I used Celestite and Moonstone. I also used a gorgeous blend of biodegradable glitter that swirls like the galaxies while your candle burns. The Crescent Moon is a pendant that you can use as a necklace. I have 6 of these that will be charging under tonight’s Full Moon. They will be listed in the shop tomorrow. Full Moon Blessings!🌝✨


This listing is for one Drawing Down the Moon candle that is hand poured in an 8oz travel tin. Always burn on a fire safe plate and away from pets and childen. 

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