$ 18.88

A beautiful candle to help you enjoy the magick of the ocean no matter where you are!

I was at the ocean on the day of Summer Solstice and I wanted to create something to honor the energies of the ocean and of the beautiful warm season of summer. As I was walking along the shore I found some of the most beautiful shells I've ever seen! I made sure nothing was claiming them for a home first of course. I carried them out into the waves and thanked the ocean for her gifts. It was then when I knew I wanted to try and turn them into candles, and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out! I wanted them to look like the enchanting little tide pools I see at the beach so I added little shells, pearls and biodegradable glitter to give it a little extra. The soy wax is lightly scented with Hibiscus, Plumeria and Tuberose which I'm loving! It smells just like the ocean to me. Ocean blessings my friends!

*These are natural scallop shells so they may tip a little to one side. Simply place a little stone underneath to give it better balance if you find yours to be a lil tippy:) But always burn on a fire safe plate.

This listing is for one Ocean Devotion Candle that is made in a 5" Scallop Shell. Please burn on a fire safe plate in case the wax drips a bit off the side. Just a little tip, if your shell tips at all put a little rock under the shell to make it sit level so the wax burns evenly.