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🕯️🌺How enchanting are these Fiesta Lights!? They look like glowing jewels! And even though they are small, they give off a lot of light and burn for a long time. Long enough for you to enjoy them for two fiestas! And I am madly in love with the brightly colored, hand painted clay bowls they are poured into. Place them on your dinner table or use them in a sacred space to add a magickal touch! You can choose to have them made from soy wax or gel wax, scented or unscented. These ones are scented with Ocean Salt and Orchid, giving them a fresh from the beach aroma. These are a must have for your summer parties and gatherings!🌺🕯️

Oh! Imagine using these for a Faerie inspired gathering! 

This listing is for one Fiesta Light that is approximately 3 1/2 inches wide. 

You can choose between gel wax or soy wax. scent or unscented. 
If scented, it will be Ocean Salt and Orchid.

To get the most from your candle, place in a fridge for 10-20 minutes before lighting. This makes the candle burn longer.

Always burn on a fireproof plate away from pets, children and anything flammable.

If your wick sinks in your gel wax candle, simply pull it back up with your fingers and allow the gel to settle before lighting. This does not happen often, but just in case.