$ 12.22

 This candle smells just like a Christmas Tree!

✨🌲We could talk about the legends and folklore of pine trees for weeks on end and still not cover all of it. The Druids held the pine in high esteem. It’s one of the nine sacred woods used for a sabbat fire and were used as markers for gravesites long before stone. Some Celts still prefer to use pine trees instead of granite markers for their gravestones. The Celts and the Druids also recognized the pine to a portent of weather conditions. They notices that the cones would open to the rays of the sun, and close against impending rain or snow. Pine cones are famous for their symbology and used in countless pieces of artwork, religious texts, ancient carvings and so much more. Pine is also extremely medicinal. It’s resins and smoke used to treat respiratory strain long before new world medicine was thought of. And I think our spirits KNOW how special pine is, just from the reaction we experience when smelling the fresh sap or burning wood. I’m excited to bring these pine tree candles into the shop. Not only do they make beautiful accents but they smell divine! They are made from all natural beeswax and oils of pine. That’s it, nothing else. Two beautiful ingredients that work perfectly with one another. They are my new favorite. I just love them!🌲✨

This listing is for one (1) Large Pine Tree Candle that is approximately 5" tall and 2 1/2" wide. Made with all natural beeswax and scented with oils of Pine.