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🍄Where do I begin? Do I even need to say anything? They are CRYSTAL TOADSTOOLS!!! And they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! There are so many varieties that I'm not even going to try and list them all. Mushrooms are one of the most symbolic living organisms on the planet and have been in some of the most famous paintings, poems and other artistic mediums. They are strongly connected to earth energies and are famous for their mind expanding. psychic attributes. I love mushroom medicine, but that's for a different post. 

Overnight, as if by magic, mushrooms spring from the ground. The seeming spontaneous origin of these fungi adds to their mystical intrigue. However, mushrooms are viewed very differently depending on the country. In England and Ireland, they are tied to death and decay, and fear surrounds these potential poisonous florae. They are known as Satan’s fruit and linked to witches or fairies. In Eastern Europe they are held in higher esteem, seen as a valuable food source with some varieties being revered.

There are numerous beliefs about the origin of the mushroom. In one story God and Saint Peter are walking in a rye field. Saint Peter grabs a stalk of rye and chews it. God chastises Peter saying the rye is not for him and he should spit it out. Peter complies and God states, “A mushroom will grow from that grain. Let it be for the poor.” In Lithuania, mushrooms were considered the fingers of Velnias, Lithuanian god of the dead, reaching out from the world of the dead to feed the poor.

In both these tales, mushrooms are directly related to the poor. Indeed, mushrooms were a food staple for the impoverished. In the autumn months, they became quite plentiful and were gathered as a “free” food throughout Europe. Even various African tribes identified mushrooms as a common food. There is a Tonga saying: “Mweenzu wa fulwe ulalila bowa.” Translated as: “The guest of the tortoise has mushroom for dinner.” This saying is interpreted as a visitor should not expect extravagance from his host. He has to share in the normal food and accommodation the host can provide.

~Faerie Rings~

“Those singular appearances in the grass, called Fairy Rings, are never more conspicuous than during the Autumn months. ” ~William Hewitt

The ring of mushrooms, known in France as “sorcerer rings” and in Sussex as “hag tracks,” can vary greatly in size and can even become stable, remaining in one spot for years. The circles were thought to have fantastical origins. In Germany it was believed that they arose from witches dancing the night prior. In Dutch lore the ring was the mark left behind by Satan’s milk churn. The flaming tails of dragons were believed to cause the circles in Austria, and in English and Celtic folktales the ring was where the fairies or elves danced. The influence of the fairy ring was as variable as its origin with some cultures believing the ring good luck, promising fertility and fortune while others seeing it as a terrible curse blighting the area nearby. Often the ring was seen as a portal to another realm and caution was recommended before breaking the sanctity of the circle. Those who did met terrible fates ranging from being cursed by the ring’s giant toad guardians, becoming permanently invisible, losing an eye, or being struck blind in both. 

Have you ever seen a Faerie Circle? Ever stepped inside? 

I hope these Crystal Mushrooms give you a feeling of enchantment! They would make excellent offerings for the Fae or to incorporate in your Faerie Craft. 


This listing is for one (1) Crystal Mushroom that I will intuitively choose for you. If you have a particular color/kind in mind leave it in the message to seller box and I will do my best to grant your request! They will come lovingly wrapped in an organza bag with some of my Find a Faerie Potpourri. 


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