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🍃🧚‍♂️Faerie Wands are back! Don't let their size fool you. These enchanting crystal wands can cast extremely powerful spells and they can even influence the weather.🧚‍♂️🍃

🍃🌸Every Wand begins with me taking a walk through the forest. Allowing myself to peel myself away from day to day stresses, I observe the details around me and slowly soak in moment. Finding little treasures, no matter what time of year it is. Acorns, seed pods, various types other moss and twigs of every size. This is where I do my hunting, for the Staff of the Wands. Not every little stick was meant to be a Faerie Wand, and my senses do a great job of helping me find the perfect ones. Once I have a few Staffs in my pocket, I walk back home and let my inner child pair together varies crystals, glass beads, marbles, sea glass, ribbon and other embellishments to make the enchanting Wands. Once everything is paired, I roll out long tendrils of clay and carefully, and playfully bring everything in together. I like to swirl the dough around the Staff to make it look like wild vines circling its way around a branch because it's believed these particular branches are "touched" by magickal forces.🌸🍃

✨Slip one into your purse or pocket and you'll be ready whatever awaits! And remember my friends, stay enchanted!✨

This listing is for one Find a Faerie Crystal Wand that is approximately 4-7 inches long. Each wand is made with different items. I will use my intuition while choosing your Wand. 

Contact me directly if you would like me to make a custom Faerie Wand for you. 

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