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✨🍄The first candle of 2024 is an adorable Toadstool Faerie House! It has a magickal garden on its roof covered in moss, crystal mushrooms, toadstools, acorns and pine cones. It even has a cute little back door! And this mug is HUGE! You could use it for cozy beverages or for a plant holder. Scented with apples, lavender, white sage and moss, it smells like a sunny forest. This one is going to be hard to let go of!🍄✨

This Toadstool Faerie Home candle would be a perfect magickal tool to communicate with the Fae Folk. I like to leave offerings out to the Fae and always light a little candle by the offering so they know where to look. I can only IMAGINE their reaction to seeing this candle lit up next to their plate of goodies! You could also leave some crystals or other items out and perhaps the Faeries will charge them with their mystical energies. Its really all up to you! Enjoy and stay enchanted! 


This listing is for one Toadstool Faerie Home Candle that is made with all natural soy wax, organic cotton wick, natural oils. Poured in a Natural Life Mug that is 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. 

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