🌿🕯I don’t know about you, but these last several weeks has inspired me to use my magick more than ever before. Praying, casting protective circles, using my candles, salts, herbs, crystals and plant allies to full capacity. My house probably looks like it’s on fire from the outside from the amount of incense and herbs I’ve been burning!😂Ringing bells, chanting, giving offerings to Gaia, asking the Great Spirit for guidance and giving thanks for every bite of food and every sip of tea.🙏🏽All of this has inspired me to create a candle focused on protection, so I asked Great Spirit to guide me and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. This candle is potent and was created to help keep your space free from negative energies, entities, spirits, ghosts, demons, vibrations and even harmful airborne bacteria. Please do not count on this candle alone, but it can be a big help in assisting you in keeping your space healthy and safe. I chose only the most powerful herbs such as, white sage, wormwood, yarrow, agrimony, juniper,mugwort, mullein, rowan, devils shoestring, tobacco, sweetgrass and nettle all ground together in a powerful prayer under the super moon. Mixed in soy wax with white sage oil, wormwood flowers, roses, lavender, ocean lavender, cornflower, sweet grass and white willow. Dressed with Lemurians, a Hamsa Hand with the Eye of Fatima and finally enclosed within a circle of black salt. Charged under the super full pink moon and nose kissed from cats;) Stay safe my friends and as always, stay enchanted!🕯🌿 

This listing is for one (1) Sacred Circle Candle made with all natural ingredients and poured in a glass cauldron container.