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🍂💀The Deaths Head Moth is dedicated to this enchanting goth moth. The Deaths Head Moth gets its name from the skull-like mark on its thorax. It may look a bit scary but this is actually a very friendly moth who is a lot like a hummingbird and likes to spend its days drinking nectar from beautiful flowers then spends its nights hanging upside with other Deaths Heads Moth in dark places where you would probably also see some bats. Given it’s unusual markings it’s probably not hard to believe that these moths used to be a bad omen and thought to be a device or a tool of evil spirits and a messenger for the dead. People took this so seriously that if they saw one flying around in their house they would immediately move. I can imagine the moth thinking, “hahaha jokes on you. Thanks for the sweet pad”😂 But not everyone is scared of these ominous Atropis, Edgar Allan Poe was enamored by them and you can find them in many of his works, the most popular is a short story called “The Sphinx” Edgar believed that they were supernatural and that it was bad luck to offend them. I myself am fascinated by them and think they’re beautiful. And even if they are messengers for the dead, who am I to judge what they do for work?☠️Dressed with Black Tourmaline, Morion and Red Phantom Quartz.💀🍂 

This listing is for one (1) Deaths Head Moth Candle that is made with all natural soy wax and colored with all natural acvtivated charcoal. Naturally scented with natural organic herbs and plant allies. 

Wormwood: Transmutes negative energy, opens portals to the spirit world

Mandrake: For psychic awakening, interdimensional travel. 

Devils Grass: For Communication with the spirits, astral travel.

Black Snake Root: For supreme protection on all levels. 

Crystal Allies:

Morion: A potent energy shield.

Black Tourmaline: Grounding.

Red Phantom: Stimulates and awakens the senses.