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🌿🦉Yes, ok. I have a lot of Owl candles, but is that really so bad? And the Owl has been one of my strongest totems since I can remember, so it only feels right to honor it in my craft whenever Muse inspires. And I don’t want to place this candle above any of the others that I have created....but it’s very, very special.✨Minervas Athene Noctua means “means Minervas Little Owl” which this candle is named after. Ever since I was very young I adored the story of Minerva/Athena and her little owl familiar. Minerva would call upon her feathery companion for otherworldly insight and “Glaukes” would fly across multiple dimensions to be by her side at a moments notice. I have been finding my self in need of insight from my ancestors more than ever, and that is where the inspiration of this candle came from. I infused the soy wax with highly vibrational herbs that resonate with the Owl such as, Hawthorne, Lemon Balm, White Sage, Cypress, Wormwood, Datura and Willow. I softly played my Red Moon Owl drum while the wax became firm, then I dressed them in Wormwood Blossoms and biodegradable Golden Stars. I dressed the top of the candle with recycled silk sari, leaf ribbon, an Owl charm and a bell. The bell is there for you to use to call your Owl companion. Make sure your intention or question is set firmly in your heart then ring the bell. The answer may not be immediate, pay attention to your dreams and your surroundings and you just might discover that you have a little owl whispering the secrets of the universe in your ear.✨An added bonus to this candle? It comes with a screw top lid so once you’ve enjoyed your candle you can use it as a glass to enjoy your kombucha, sangria, water or faerie tea in or use it for canning! How neat is that?! I really poured my heart and soul into this candle, I hope you enjoy it.🦉🌿

*The aroma is naturally herbal and sweet with strong notes of white sage and lavender, a shop favorite!

 This listing is for one Minervas Athene Noctua candle that is made with all natural soy wax and poured in a 12oz glass owl jar during ritual. The wax is infused with natural oils of Hawthorne, Lemon Balm, White Sage, Cypress, Wormwood, Datura and Willow. Each candle is dressed with a recycled silk sari ribbon and a bell. Please keep away from animals and children and always burn on a fire safe plate away from anything flammable. 

*These containers come in multiple colors from clear, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green. If you would like to choose a color simply let me know in the message to seller box. If I am out of your color I will do my best to choose one I think you will enjoy.

I suggest burning this candle for 1-2 hours then blowing out the flame. Let the wick cool. Once the wick is cool trim it down to 1/4" of an inch. You should ALWAYS trim your candle before re-lighting. This helps it burn slower and keeps the wick from becoming mushroomed. 

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