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🧙🏼‍♀️🕯These powerful tools are called Witches Sticks, Witches Candle, Witches Torch or Hags Taper and they are believed to be the first candles ever made! They are made from the stalks of the mullein plant, then dipped in beeswax. Mullein is a potent plant allay that guards against evil spirits and is also used for protection during spell work~one of the many reasons why these candles live up to their name!🍃They take a long time to make but they’re worth it! And the reason why they take so long to create is because once you’ve harvested your mullein stalks you need to wait until they are completely dry which can takes several months. You’ll know when your stalks are dry when the thousands and thousands of teeny tiny seeds start to fall out of them effortlessly. Once they are dry you can cut them in the size you prefer and dip them several times in a pot of melted beeswax. I like to roll them in a little lavender, wormwood and dried flowers~the sky is the limit really! These are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and gatherings. You would be surprised how big the flame can get on these beauties and they smell absolutely divine!🍃 You can find mullein growing almost everywhere but PLEASE do not harvest it until autumn~after the blossoms are long gone and the stalk begins to dry. I ask this because bees, butterflies and so many other insects LOVE the blossoms and we don’t want to take their food source away! I’ve actually dedicated one of my large gardens just for mullein this year that way I don’t need to harvest any in the wild again.🕯🧙🏼‍♀️

*The best way to harvest mullein is to take notes on where you see it growing while you travel. Wait until the beginning of October when the blossoms have fallen off and go back to where you found them. Give the stalks a good shake so you leave PLENTY of seeds for it to be able to spread, and then cut the stalk off with an extra sharp knife. Do NOT pull the plant up by the root ever!!!! If you want to make some medicinal tea harvest some of the leaves. Once they've dried they make the best tea for your lungs! Once you have your stalks bring them home and put them in a dark dry place to dry for at least a month. I know it is tempting to make the torches right away but they will not burn correctly unless the stalk is completely dry. And make sure all the seeds are out first so you can sow them in the early spring and if there are seeds in the stalk it will pop while burning. I only use the best beeswax, nothing else burns right. Mullein is one of the most powerful plants out there, I beg you to respect it if you decide to make these, please:)

Hag taper is a folk name for the wonderfully medicinal and magical mullein plant. Although ruled by the planet Saturn, this herb is often associated with fire. In ancient times, one would gather this magnificent herb, dry it out, then dip the spike in animal fat or tallow, and use as a torch for outdoor festivities and ceremonies. Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is traditionally known as an Herb of Protection. Other common names for Mullein Candles are Flower Torches, Mullein Torches, Witches Candles and Hag Tapers. 

This listing is for one (1) Mullein Torch made with all natural local beeswax and magick. Scented with natural oils of Apple Blossom, Lavender, White Sage and Tansy. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Each Mullein Torch will range in size. Some will be longer and thinner where some will be shorter and thicker. They will at least be 6 inches long. 
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