$ 28.88

When I saw the Skeleton in a Bath candle I just had to put my own spin on it!

Instead of laying in a boring bath, this skeleton is living it up in a luxurious bath full of exotic flowers, highly charged crystals and rare oils from some imaginary place. This bath is so relaxing that you need to sign a waver in case your skin falls off while soaking. Do you know someone who could use some Serenity Now? 

This candle is made in a cast iron cauldron with natural soy wax and scented with Hibiscus, Water Lily and Orchid. 

The wick is far enough away from the skeleton that it should not be a problem but you should never leave this candle unattended. When the wax starts to melt the skeleton will eventually start to sink, this is when you should carefully remove its plastic corpse and give it a proper burial. Wipe the remaining wax out of the cauldron and use it for whatever your heart desires.