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🍄🦋Summer Meadows. I made this candle for a really dear friend. I wanted to create a candle that honors that enchanting late summer magick where everything is in bloom and the bees and butterflies are busy collecting nectar during the sunny days and moths are busy dancing around porch lights during the evening while the crickets and tree frogs serenade the moon. There's something about late summer that just makes me so.....happy. Maybe it's the combination of sweet summer smells mixed with the crisp aroma of the approaching season of autumn. One of my favorite things to do is take walks through the woods in search of meadow full of wildflowers. This candle reminds me of those moments. Decorated with crystals, butterfly charms, dried flowers and a crystal mushroom. Scented with apples, sweet grass and blackberries, this candle smells like late summer magick.🦋🍄


You can use this candle in your summer magick spells. Its also perfect for Faerie and Spirit Animal magick. 


This listing is for one Summer Meadows Ritual Candle that is in a 8oz glass tumbler. 

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