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🌾🌞Surprise! I made another candle for Lughnassadh! I just love this holiday so much, and I love everything that ties into it. I also love the feeling of Autumn sneaking right behind the corner. Here in New England you can see the leaves start to change about a week or two after Lammas which is VERY exciting!🍂I wanted this candle be in honor and dedication to not only the harvest but to the Sun that makes all life possible. It’s hard to see in this photo but that white circle is a Sun Face with a Strawflower and a piece of (ht) Citrine. Going to the local fairs growing up, I loved seeing the dried flower bouquets full of Strawflowers. The soy wax candle is gently scented with some herbs collected from my garden. A warm mixture of Marigold, Apple Leaf, Yarrow, Goldenrod and Vervain. I also put a pinch of White Sage and Rosemary to give it a delicious aroma! Dressed with warm Sunflower, Calendula petals and a spray of Cornflower petals to help accent the lovely shades of yellows and golds. This candle is a perfect addition to your Lughnasadh altar or harvest spread! I only made a few and it won’t be available again until next year.🌞🌾