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These are high quality carved Tigers Eye Acorns with excellent details, 

*These have been marked down because they are a bit smaller than the ones in the photos.

🍂The most beautiful Tigers Eye Acorns I have ever seen are here and I am beyond excited! Some pieces have swirls of Blue Tigers Eye included! If you’ve been following me for a minute you know how much I love Acorns. I really don’t even know where to begin. They were a huge part of my childhood. My Grampie would always have his pockets full of them for superstitious reasons that he passed down to me. I still walk around with them in my pockets and in my purse. I also love the rich folklore behind them. How they symbolize prosperity, protection, spiritual strength and good luck. I’ve always lived near oak trees so I’m very lucky to have an abundance of them for magickal and craft uses. I also LOVE @hayaomiyazaki and how he incorporates acorns in his anime. If you’ve seen Totoro you know what I’m talking about. He understands the MAGICK of the acorn and gives it such a lovely homage in his work and I absolutely love it!🐿Most of the crystal Acorns I have seen are made of Agate or other minerals which I think are lovely but I’m so happy that I found some in Tigers Eye! Not only because they look amazingly natural, but also because Tigers Eye was one of my first crystals I resonated with and it just makes me feel even more nostalgic. Tigers Eye was traditionally an amulet carried to protect against curses or ill wishes, so it’s a PERFECT material to use as an Acorn! Stay enchanted my friends!🍂

 This listing is for one (1) Hand carved Tigers Eye Acorn that is about 1" long that will arrive in an organza bag with dried flowers and herbs. 

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