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These are amazing. The energy that is pulsating from each one is just...spectacular. These beautiful chunks of Star Rose Quartz would be perfect for all different forms of Light/Energy work and healing. Working with Raw Crystals will give you a totally different experience from working with polished or tumbled gems because they are in their original form, still untouched by the expectations of man, so their power is stronger and much more pure. Some of my Crystal Healing friends will only use Raw Crystals because of that very reason. Rose Quartz exudes Love Energy and that's why it's so useful when working with matters of the heart. This is a perfect Crystal for someone who is new to the world of Crystal/Energy Healing, because it's vibrations are gentle yet very effective. And when my clients ask me which stone is the best for a child or young adult, I always say Rose Quartz. The reason being, again, because it's a gentle stone but also because it helps "open" our heart and our mind to other things, which is crucial for a Crystal/Energy Healer. I've carried Raw Rose Quartz before but these specimens are beyond exceptional.

This listing is for one (1) Large Piece of Rough Star Rose Quartz from Madagascar. 

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