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✨🌙Twilight. That magical moment between Magic Hour and Night. When the world becomes silent just long enough where you can hear the Earth exhale if you listen closely. Sacred silence. And then the crickets begin to warm their instruments for an evening full of enchanting music. The cool air is scented with wild flowers, ozone and dreams. That’s what I wanted to capture with my newest candle, Twilight. Lightly scented with Evening Primrose, Honeysuckle and Jasmine with a beautiful piece of Amethyst and a Crescent Moon Pendant.This candle will surely leave you feeling enchanted, just like Twilight.✨🌙

Night’s wing descends on the east,
where clouds encamp like weary armies
beneath vanes of pearl and rose
until all their pomp is shaken
by the blasts of evening’s blows;
I can smell a thousand fragrances,
blossoms bent under the breeze
as dusk’s purple lips grow chilled.

Twilight comes in mists of saffron,
the last sparkles across the sea’s surge,
fiery flashes of froth that slowly die
as across the sky white stars emerge;
and in the darkened east, across the peaks,
the burning glow across the snow fades
until after a still pause in the air,
the moon gently wakes from her sleep,
and like a meek lover just aroused,
her cheeks are still suffused in rose.


*The glitter on the top of the candle glows in the dark. Simply place your candle under the sun or lamp for 1 minute to get your best results. Enjoy the magick!

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