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🍃🍄I have been so excited to share my newest candle with you! As soon as I saw this mug I just knew it needed to be transformed! May I please introduce to you the, "Grow Your Own Way" mushroom house candle! It's made with all natural organic soy wax and natural fragrance oils of Sweet Grass, Lilac and Moonflower. It smells just like an enchanting faerie garden! And I adorned it with dried Canterbury blossoms, Amaranth and Strawflowers from my own witchy garden here in the western mountains of Massachusetts. Once you've finished enjoying your candle, you have the absolute cutest Amanita Mushroom mug to enjoy. Imagine sipping a magickal brew while sitting back and enjoying your own garden, or fantasizing about a garden in your future. And I love how the writing on the inner lip says "Grow Your Own Way" a spin off from the Fleetwood Mac song Go Your Own Way. And Fleetwood Mac is my all time favorite band ever!🍄🍃

This listing is for one Grow Your Own Way Candle Mug that is approximately 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Made with all natural soy wax and fragrance oils of Sweet Grass, Lilac and Moonflower. Never leave your candle unattended. Never leave your candle around pets, children, drafts or anything flammable. 

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