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Banishing Bottles/Witches Broom Powder
🍂As the veil between the living and the dead, the understood and the unknown begin to thin~sometimes it’s wise to keep a little juju by your side. I’ve been writing about this for a while and I’m finally ready to offer them in the shop. They go by many names but I’m calling these Banishing Bottles because that’s exactly what they do. Its also known as Flying Broom Dust because some of the plant allies used may cause visions and wild hallucinations that some say began the stories of witches flying through the moonlit skies on their brooms. The contents within these vials help banish negative energies hexes, curses, ill wishes and vengeful ghosts from entering your space. The tradition of these bottles go back hundreds of years. Some folks would use cloth instead of bottles and wear the bundles around their neck or place in and around the house. Sometimes if an animal was sick, a mixture of protective herbs would be placed inside the barn.🔥I’ve been working on this particular blend for over a year. Almost every herb has soaked in the light and the dark of at least 13 full and new moons. The final mixing and bottling was completed on this Full Harvest Moon. All herbs were grown or collected by me. Potent herbs of Agrimony, Galangal, Mugwort, Wormwood, Datura, Horse Nettle, Belladonna, Malabar, Bay Leaf, Pepper, Sage, Black Salt and an Apple Seed. Also included is a miniature carving of the human skull which represents a peaceful death and completed cross over. The energy of this bottle projects a peaceful warning to the energies that may encounter it, that they may be respected but are not welcome. There are no instructions. Simply keep in your house or outside your front door. The cork is waxed shut because of the poisonous plants inside. Please do not remove from the bottle and keep far away from pets and children. If you are afraid your pet or child might get into it, burry it on your property. As long as it’s on your property it will do it’s job. Do not burn as incense or consume. I strongly suggest that you read up on the ingredients that I used so you can understand them better. Sprinkle a little on your broomstick to awaken some of its dormant energies, just be sure to wash your hands afterwards and keep it away from pets and children. And with that said. Come! We fly!!!🍂


This listing is for one (1) Witches Broom Dust/Banishing Bottle. Please keep safely away from pets and children. Do not burn or consume. Keep in bottle in a safe place. The company that made the metal witches went out of business so sadly I am unable to access them anymore. 

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