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🌸🐝I grew up next to my grandfathers honey farm so there was fresh honey round but there was NOTHING like the first honey of spring. You could taste the young flowers in the sweet golden syrup and I would smother my mothers homemade biscuits in butter and tons and tons of my grandfathers honey. Whenever I smell honey I am instantly brought back to when I was 6 years old, walking across my parents field that connected to my grandparents and I would walk through their tree farm and bee farms before getting to the from door which always smelled like fresh baked cakes, coconut cookies and coffee. I don’t think we had anything like wax melts back then but I know my grampie would get a kick out of these and probably shake his head when I told him what they were used for:) Each Melt is blended with magickal herbs and powerful plant allies. Place one on your wax burner and enjoy their enchanting aroma!🐝🌸

This listing is for two (2) Beeswax Bumble Bee Melts that are scented with flowers and herbs from my witchy garden. 

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