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Oh my goodness! These sold out instantly last night! Thank you all so much for your interest and support! Here is a new batch I made today, enjoy!

🍃🌗The cauldron is one of the most potent vessels of mystery and magic and a powerful tool used by wisewomen and wisemen for centuries. It wasn’t that long ago when the cauldron was the centerpiece of the home. It represented food, medicine, warmth, cleanliness and magic. A true cauldron is made of cast iron, a special metal that can handle extreme temperatures and not only has a memory, but it holds onto the spirit of everything that has made contact with it. That’s why a seasoned cauldron is so beloved by witches and chefs. Seasoned means it has been used a lot and carries the spirit of many elements which makes everything that comes out of it tastier and more powerful.🔥The cauldron also symbolizes the goddess and the womb and on an altar it represents the earth. There is so much magical history revolving around the cauldron and it’s one of my favorite tools so I knew I had to make a candle out of it! It is my intention that these cauldron candles bring good fortune and positivity into your home. Each one will be different and I am more than happy to customize one just for you and your vision! Stay Enchanted my Friends!🌓🍃

Herbs and Plant Allies Involved:

Wormwood, psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes and curses, reversal magick.

Sweet Grass, purification, protection, connection to Great Spirit. 

Bay Leaf, confers wisdom, strength, and visions, sacred herb of Apollo.

Devils Claw, protection, exorcism, banishing spells, keeping away evil, confounding enemies.

This listing is for one (1) Dressed Cauldron Candle that is approximately 3"wide and 3"tall. Made with natural soy wax, activated charcoal, wormwood, sweet grass, bay leaf and devils claw, Dressed in magickal tools and wormwood flowers. 

I will be listing some undressed Cauldron Candles soon. 

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