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🍂Trick-or-treating has a long and winding history, beginning as a tradition during a Celtic holiday in medieval Europe. The first trick-or-treaters were poor children who would go door-to-door begging for food and money during the Celtic holiday Samhain celebrated on October 31. In exchange, they would offer to pray for the souls of their neighbors' recently departed loved ones.

Between the first days of begging children to the mid-19th century when the Catholic Church changed the names of the holidays into "All Hallow's Eve" and "All Saints Day", the trick-or-treaters got adventurous. Instead of just promising prayer, they started singing songs, telling jokes, or staging doorstep performances for their treats. The tradition came to be known as souling.
Pretty soon it wasn't only children who partook in the events - single young women would perform tricks of their own on All Hallow's Eve, in hopes that they would discover the identities of their future husbands and ideally be married by the following year.
Souling continued on in various forms in Great Britain for centuries, evolving from black and white clothes and soul cakes to children dressed in costume while asking neighbors for sweets on All Hallow's Eve.
I wanted to make some tealites that honored this very special holiday. For us FREAKS of Halloween. And the Spooooky tealites were born. Each one is scented with Pumpkin Spice, Warm Apple Pie and Spices. Decorated with a Halloween Charm and biodegrabable glitter.

This listing is for one Large Halloween Tea Lite that is made with all natural soy wax.