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🕯🌒My newest candle, Datura Dreams, is my ode to one of my favorite flowers. Several years ago a Datura plant started growing in my garden, I hadn't planted it, she just showed up. I was in love with her long before she blossomed. Her dark green leaves were like nothing I'd ever seen before. And when her bud started forming I was so excited! I'll never forget the first time I saw her trumpet stretch from her bud, and finally one magickal night she opened. If you've never smelled a Datura blossom, gosh, just make sure that you do. She has the most intoxicating aroma Ive ever experinced but her perfume and her blossom only lasts for one night. And I think that makes her even more special. Datura, also known as Moonflower since it blooms at night, has a long history of being used in witchcraft. Her seeds and her blossoms can be used to invoke extreme spiritual visions, and some say she was made into "Flying Broom" balms that witches would use on their genitals to induce visions of flying. Its a very interesting rabbit hole of history to go down, but I encourage you to never consume her. Datura is extremely poisonous. I'm hoping my candle will help you enjoy her magick, but I also suggest you try growing her so you can experience her magick for yourself. Its the perfect time to sew her seeds so she blooms in late summer.🕯🌒

Daturas Dream candle is made with all natural soy wax, Moonflower fragrance oil, Mugwort and Jasmine. Adorned with Jasmine Buds, Amethyst, Aura Stones and a Crescent Moon pendant.

This listing is for one Daturas Dream candle in a 4' tall glass tumbler jar.

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