$ 32.22


Since the veil is thinning I thought it would be a fine time to start dropping some of my Day of the Dead candles into the shop. The Owl is one of my top Totem Guides so when I found these mugs I absolutely had to have them. I snagged what I could but I could only get a few. Aren't they freaking amazing?! I worked really hard on these candles and wanted
them to be perfect! They smell like caramel apples and I decorated them with putka pods, moss, skulls and sweet offerings for our ancestors. I usually don't keep any of my candles
but I am definitely keeping one of these!
Quick question. Have you already starting eating the Halloween candy you bought for the trick or treaters? If you haven't, you're doing it wrong. Eat the candy!
You must remove all decorations before lighting your candle.