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Behold! The Witches Cauldron!

This candle is HUGE and functional. The cauldron is made for cooking so you can use it to create your witchy dinners in once you've enjoyed your candle. 

Cauldrons of varying types can be traced back to a variety of cultures. In fact, one found in Denmark has been traced back to between 200 BC and 300 AD. So basically, they’ve been around for a long ass time.

No surprise, cauldrons started out as a cooking tool. Warm soups and stews were concocted in them to give nourishment to families. They were the heart of the home and life-giving in cold seasons. As cauldrons became more commonplace and important to families, mothers and grandmothers started using them for healing herbal blends and eventually potions.

After being used for centuries as a cooking and healing tool, cauldrons started to take on more sacred and magical meanings. The cauldron began to represent the Goddess, the Sacred Divine, and a vessel for transformation, healing, and abundance.

This is a very special candle so I needed to give it extra care and attention. Its scented with spiced apples, warm pumpkin, cinnamon, sweet wormwood, mugwort and just a touch of bourbon. Decorated with a fir cone, an acorn, moss, putka and lotus pods, a crystal ball, a toadstool, a broom, a raven, a black cat, sweet wormwood blossoms and the skull of some poor chap. You MUST remove ALL decorations before lighting. 

This listing is for one Witches Cauldron Candle that comes with a lid. 

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