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✨🕯️One of my favorite winter traditions is having a simmer pot on the stove, filling the house with some of my favorite scents. And not only does it make your home smell cozy, it's believed to help protect your house against negative energies and disease. People would boil herbs and roots in their homes to keep ghosts and sickness away. It was taken very seriously. It's good to see it making a comeback.

❄️These Simmer Pot Sachets are filled with Dried Oranges for happiness, purification and good fortune. Cranberries for love, healing, protection, communication and rejuvenation. Cinnamon for strength, prosperity, healing, love, success and spiritual power. Cloves for energy, mental health, wealth, protection, cleansing and luck. Star Anise for psychic powers, foresight, cunning, good fortune and strength. Rosemary for purification, protection, cleansing, fertility and faithfulness. Sage for blessings, cleansing, prosperity, longevity and healing. Thyme for courage, faerie communication, beauty, abundance and positivity.

🔥Toss these ingredients into a pot of clean water that's come to a low simmer. Use Moon Water to really amp up the magick! You can add other ingredients too if you'd like. I would suggest slices of fresh apple and maybe some lemon rind. Oh! And maybe some pomegranate seeds!

🔮Gently stir with a wooden spoon and set your intentions while this enchanting brew fills your home and your heart with all the good things. Blessed Be!🔥


This listing is for one Simmer Pot Sachet that comes in a 4X6 organza bag. All ingredients are organic. Herbs collected fresh from my witchy gardens.