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🌟🎄One day while I was making Witches Sticks (dried mullein stalks dipped in beeswax) I was inspired to give them a festive touch. First I added Bayberry and Cypress oil to the beeswax and DAMN does it smell delicious!!! Then I thought to myself, why stop there? So I got my mortar and pestle out and started crushing up Cloves, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Wormwood, Cedar Tips and Dried Oranges. The aromatherapy gods were looking down at me with satisfied grins....so I kept going. I added the dry mixture into the melted beeswax and something happened, I created a fckn masterpiece!!! My hands were actually shaking while I poured this new Yule inspired magick over the dried Mullein because I knew they were going to be AMAZING and they are. These are AMAZING! And I kept on going. How about turn these into ornaments? Excellent idea, I thought to myself. So I tied a little twine around one end and BOOM! I love it!🕯And for those of you who may not know, these are believed to be the first candles ever created. Instead of beeswax they used tallow which smelled awful as you can imagine. So one day someone had the marvelous idea to use beeswax instead of tallow and I’m sure everyone was pleased with the upgrade. But there you have it. The original candle and how it’s changed throughout the years. I’m very passionate about these candles. Their history makes them some of the most potent magickal tools one can make, in my opinion of course. And you want to be extra careful when you burn them, they live up to their name. They make a generous flame and can get a bit messy so be sure and enjoy them on a fire safe plate away from anything flammable. I’ll have these in my shop tonight! So excited about them and I hope you are too!🎄🌟

This listing is for one (1) Yuletide Witches Stick Ornament that is approximately 4-6" long, some are thinner and longer, some are thicker and shorter. Hang these on your tree or anywhere you'd like a little magick. Light the tip to burn but make sure you burn it on a fire proof plate away from anything flammable. NEVER leave unattended. 

*Unfortunately the company that makes the metal cut out witches closed so I am not longer able to purchase them.

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